Guitarmy of One Releases Retro Single ‘Soylent Seafoam Green’

NYC-based artist Guitarmy of One released a new retro sci-fi inspired single, “Soylent Seaform Green.” The single’s release comes ahead of the release of The Wave Files LP.

Guitarmy of One is a solo project from guitarist Scott Helland. Helland has solo projects dating back to 1996 with his Hellbox Mood Rings CD. However, he began to release music under Guitarmy of One in 2016. Excluding the imminent release of The Wave Files, Guitarmy of One’s latest record is The Spy Detective Collective, inspired by the crime and intrigue shows of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

“I want the music to be a sonic equivalent of those shows and movies where you’re riding the waves of intrigue and espionage so the music has to match that sense of urgency and excitement,” Helland said speaking of The Spy Detective Collective. “Soylent Seafoam Green” maintains Guitarmy of One’s unique surf rock sound. However, it is also infused with inspiration from the 1973 dystopian cult sci-fi thriller Soylent Green.

The movie contains themes of overpopulation, overuse of resources, and pollution. The movie’s namesake refers to a product called Soylent Green, one of the few easily accessible foods. At the end, it’s revealed that the flavor and nutrition comes from its main ingredient—human corpses. “‘Soylent Seafoam Green’ is in keeping with my blend of the spy and surf sound and is quite dark for a surf song. However, it fits the theme of the 1973 dystopian thriller film ‘Soylent Green’ of which the song’s title is based, but don’t worry, listening to the song repeatedly won’t lead to cannibalism!” Helland said.

The song is available across all digital platforms, and Guitarmy of One will release The Wave Files on Aug. 18.

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