Waterfall Unity Festival Announces Lineup, feat. Peter Yarrow, Theresa Bear Fox and more

The Waterfall Unity Festival presented by The Waterfall Unity Alliance has announced its lineup, taking place at a traditional Haudenosaunee teaching longhouse in West Fulton from July 28-30.

The Waterfall Unity Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering cultural understanding,
promoting unity, and preserving the cultural heritage of the Haudenosaunee people. Through various
initiatives, including the Waterfall Unity Festival and the acquisition of Iotsi’tsisons (Skywoman’s) Forever
Farm, the Alliance strives to build alliances across movements and cultures and help create collaborative solutions to the challenges of our time. The Kanien’kehá:ka, known as the Mohawks, are celebrating the rematriation of their ancestral homelands in the Schoharie Valley with the 2023 Waterfall Unity Festival.

We are excited to extend an invitation to individuals from all walks of life to join us at this year’s festival where we will celebrate and honor our return to our homelands. The success of our inaugural festival last summer helped us raise the necessary funds to purchase Bohringer’s Fruit Farm. It has been renamed as Iotsi’tsisons (Skywoman’s) Forever Farm – a 60-acre berry farm in the heart of Skóhare, the ancestral lands of our people where my own great-great grandmothers came from. This isn’t just a berry farm to us. These lands hold a significant part in our journey to self-discovery. We are so grateful for this opportunity to return here while creating the space needed for our people to heal and grow.

Kawenniiosta Jock, Co-Executive
Director of the Waterfall Unity Alliance.

During the day festival attendees can participate in a variety of workshops, teachings, traditional social dance, vendors, food, and crafts – all aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the
Kanien’kehá:ka culture. All proceeds will go directly towards building a Kanien’kehá:ka language and culture immersion program. “As we continue to walk the path of healing and sovereignty, returning to our language is crucial. Our immersion programs will ensure that our language and life-ways will be carried forward to future generations,” says Kawenniiosta.

Performers at the Waterfall Unity Festival include Theresa Bear Fox, Peter Yarrow (Peter Paul & Mary), Keith Secola, Bethany Yarrow, Kyp Malone (TV On the Radio), Semiah Smith, Kahsenniyo Williams, Mercedes Terrance, Onondaga Women’s Singing Society, Kanerahtiio Roger Jock, Maria Esther Pallares, Tsering Lodoe, Sean Rowe, Whise, Stephanie Rooker & Ben Tyree, Rebecca Martin & Larry Grenadier, and more.

Peter and Bethany Yarrow.

There is a suggested donation of $40 per day. Overnight camping during the festival is available for an
additional donation of $50 per night. For more information, tickets, and registration, please visit here.

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