Neighborhood Heroes: Billie Essco, Buffalo Pioneer

Billie Essco flourishes within the hip-hop and fashion scene on his own terms. Holding it down for Buffalo, NY – which he also describes as a “hyperbaric chamber.” Essco is a Buffalo kid through and through. The city of of Buffalo is known for its grimy-ness and is known to make men out of boys by placing individuals on the frontlines and running them through the gauntlet. Hence, some get chewed up, spit out and booed off stage – others accept the challenge and emerge war-ready. Billie Essco stands tall amidst the onslaught of adversity as a true Fashion Rebel in every sense of the word.

Billy Essco

Subsequently, Griselda Records x Fashion Rebels encompass everything that hip-hop has been missing. The way that they have ushered in their own style, adornment, musical influence and mastery resembles the way that A$AP Mob emerged to fill a void in the 2010s. Griselda Mob carries the torch in a valid manner through top-tier excellence and curation.

Surging Buffalo Renaissance

Beautifully, Billie Essco blossomed under the Griselda umbrella as a contemporary curator. His brand, Cafe spurned from the idea that local cafes felt outdated without contemporary taste. To coincide with Cafe, his brand Czen specializes in repurposed garments and consciously progressive graphic design. 

Billy Essco's brand Cafe is here to stay.
-Recently, Cafe announced a collaboration with New Era.

Nonetheless, the way he designed the brand represents meticulous construction. Drawing from his Fashion/Textile technology experience at Buffalo State – Billie came up with two four-letter brands. The brevity and impactful nature of these eight letters combined with the color schemes and exquisite patterns create the ultimate consumer’s dream.

Multihyphenate Ghetto Couture

Incredibly, the most beautiful part about Essco’s creations lies within their multifaceted roots. Everyone gets their start from somewhere – it just so happens that Billie arose from Buffalo’s trenches. Essco’s vision received the ultimate boost in 2020 when he styled Westside Gunn for the Off-White x Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Show. Working with Virgil Abloh encouraged him to double down on his efforts. 

A political-conscious contemporary brand, Cafe represents the times and adapts accordingly. Similarly, Cafe + Czen releases merchandise that deconstructs racist policies and politics. Auspiciously, with youthful aura and purity, the Cafe trucker hat gives off a Midwestern type vibe. Geographically, this makes perfect sense given Buffalo’s proximity to Cleveland. Foundationally, this brand performs well and resonates heavily with consumers because of its underlying message and the creative connections associated with its core brand elements.

Undoubtedly, the world needs more people like Billie Essco – a critical thinker with historical prowess, tried-and-true methodology and contextually colorful design schemes. In like manner, the young designers continues to elevate with a collaboration with New Era symbolizing a major milestone. Essco’s journey can serve as inspiration for many Buffalo natives. A person who pursues spiritual and mental growth will never plateau in regards to their potential. No matter what age, color or creed – you have limitless abilities – just tap into your gift and never stop working toward your destiny.

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