Hearing Aide: The Dare “The Sex EP”

The Dare, a solo project by singer-songwriter Harrison Patrick Smith, released its first Extended Play (EP), The Sex EP on May 19. The EP features four songs, with a generally vulgar and sexual theme. Many of the pieces incorporate elements of electronic, rock, and punk.

The Dare Sex EP
The Dare’s singer, songwriter, and producer Harrison Patrick Smith. Credit: Ben Taylor

Emerging from New York City, The Dare released the EP with Republic Records. The four songs increase in length as the EP goes, ranging from about two minutes to about four minutes. Following the release of The Sex EP, Smith will make his headline debuts, with four of the shows already sold out.

I just wanted to write something funny and true about my relationship to sex. It’s also the most time honored and classic theme of rock and roll, so I had to do it. The other, less horny songs are coming later.

The Dare

The first song, “Girls,” is an upbeat opening, introducing several elements that are continued throughout the EP. A chorus makes its appearance, sometimes echoing, a signature style in the EP. The electric instrumentals give it an almost dubstep feel, though that varies from piece to piece.

“Sex,” which follows “Girls” is heavier on the echoing chorus, and is notable in the change in Smith’s vocals. While in the previous piece Smith was more upbeat, in “Sex” he has more of a murmur. A loud buzzing sound is introduced with a bit less than a minute remaining. This helps carry “Sex” into the next song, “Good Time,” which uses a similar sound.

In “Good Time,” the chorus is not as prominent, opposite of the change to come in “Bloodwork.” The vocals switch between the more upbeat tone of “Girls” and the murmur of “Sex,” setting this one up as a conclusion to that section of the EP.

“Bloodwork” is the final song, and it is very different from the previous three. It has a long opening, about a minute in length, that slowly builds tension in a way that feels straight out of a horror movie. The main vocals take a backseat, only featuring an echoing chorus that says either “blood” or “work.”

The Sex EP is available on various music streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

Four of The Dare’s debut shows in New York City and Los Angeles have sold out, with the next shows at the following locations:

Aug. 4-6 – FWB Fest – Idyllwild, CA

Sept. 30 – Portola – San Francisco, CA

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