Paul Simon Announces New Album, Seven Psalms, Out May 19th

Paul Simon has announced the upcoming release of his highly anticipated musical work, Seven Psalms, which will be available on May 19th.

paul simon seven psalms

During his distinguished career spanning six decades, musician Paul Simon has produced timeless masterpieces, such as Bridge Over Troubled WaterSounds of Silence, and Graceland, has received 16 Grammy Awards and has been twice inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. As one half of Simon & Garfunkel, many remember Paul Simon for the incredible Central Park performance that raised $51,000, cleaning up the park with the money they raised from merchandising, CD sales and TV and video rights

This new project is intended to be listened to as one continuous piece, a 33-minute, seven-movement composition. Recorded entirely on acoustic instruments, and predominantly performed by Paul, Seven Psalms showcases Simon’s craft at its finest and most captivating, simply with his voice and guitar. 

A stunning, intricately layered work, it’s a record which establishes an engaging and meditative, almost hymnal soundscape, with Paul’s lyrics providing the gravitational center for constellations of sound woven from guitar strings and other acoustic instrumentation – including choral elements from the highly-regarded British vocal ensemble VOCES8, and a beautiful vocal appearance by Edie Brickell.

True to the origin of psalms as hymns meant to be sung rather than spoken, Seven Psalms reaches back to the very genesis of folk music: King David’s Psalms. The result is a quietly moving musical experience which uncovers a wealth of subtle details with every repeated listen. A step apart from anything Paul Simon has released before, Seven Psalms defies categorization. 

For more information, and to presave the album, please visit Paul Simon’s website.

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