De La Soul pen ‘Dear Dave,’ Celebrate Release of Catalog at Webster Hall

The catalog of legendary alternative hip hop group De La Soul is now available for streaming, ending years of legal wrangling that left the Amityville trio’s musical legacy unheard by the masses.

To celebrate the occasion, and the life of the late Dave Jolicoeur, Trugoy the Dove, The Da.i.s.y Experience was held at Webster Hall on Thursday, March 2. This free event was RSVP only for those lucky enough to score a spot on the list, and featured Dave Chappelle, Queen Latifah, Q-Tip, Common, D-Nice, Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes, Kid Capri and many more come through and celebrate.

de la soul catalog dave

DA.I.S.Y. is an acronym for “Da Inner Sound Y’all,” one that fans of De La Soul are familiar with. During the show, “immersive activation” transformed Webster Hall into a De La destination, utilizing artwork from their classic debut 3 Feet High and Rising. Additional performers included DJs Stretch Armstrong, Clark Kent, Rich Medina, and Tony Touch, as well as De La Soul members Posdnuos and Maseo.

Also this week, De La Soul took fans behind the scenes of the official music video for “Me, Myself and I,” in the latest installment of Vevo Footnotes.

During the episode, Posdnuos discussed the creation of their iconic song, and how it allowed the group to address negative media labels. He highlights how the ‘Twilight Zone’ influenced the video’s opening segment with producer Prince Paul and their comedic approach to the video, playing off their hip-hop style. He explains the video aimed to underscore individuality and confidence, and Posdnuos suggests that if they remade the video today, they might focus on inner growth instead of external independence. He also shares a standout memory from the video’s scene with teacher Def Beat, and reveals that Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest wrote “De La Sucks” on the bathroom wall.

On Sunday, the band shared “Dear Dave,” a note to the fallen member, Dave Jolicoeur, aka Trugoy the Dove. The band reflected on the untimely passing, just as the catalog was made available to fans.

de la soul catalog dave

Dear Dave,

You were the heart of our group. You brought so much creativity, energy, and passion to our music, and your influence will be felt for years to come.

Your passing is a great loss not only to us, but also to the entire hip-hop community. You were a true artist who used music to inspire and uplift others, and you will be deeply missed by all who knew you.

This is heavy on our hearts and minds but we are smiling and even laughing at all the great times we shared with you. As we attempt to navigate this world without you, we stand grateful and proud of all you accomplished on this earth.

We would like to say thank you Dave for being a big brother. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for the wise words placed in your verses. Thank you for the music you produced that is loved by so many. Thank you for never wanting to compromise the quality of our brand. Thank you for helping us become a group that will remain etched in the timeline of hip hop culture as well as the fabric of music and for now on when we perform “Ring Ring Ring Ha Ha Hey” we will say “2-2-2-2-222 we got an angel in heaven who can talk to you”.

We love you Dave and thank you Dave!

Everyone, please celebrate the life and legacy of Dave Jolicoeur, Trugoy the Dove, Plug 2, Dave.

Our music is now available digitally on all streaming services now! We did it Dave!

Stream De La Soul’s catalog here.

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