Sarah King & Sydney Worthley Kick off Women’s History Month at The Linda

On Friday, March 4th at The Linda in Downtown Albany, Sarah King and Sydney Worthley kicked off the venue’s month-long event celebrating Women’s History month with their Women’s Voices Concert Series. Despite the impending snowstorm, nearly every seat was filled, yet it was still an intimate and delightful show.

sarah king sydney worthley

Sydney Worthley

Local phenom Sydney Worthley kicked things off. This young lady (only 17!) can write the types of songs that most people double her age would struggle to write, let alone understand, and her voice sounds like she has been training for decades, except that’s impossible. She played with guitarist TJ Foster and the pair’s chemistry on stage was delightful.

sarah king sydney worthley

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see or hear Sydney, she just released her first full-length music video called “Heart Shaped Mess.” Or you can catch her playing with Lucid Street at Putnam Place on March 10th.

Sarah King

As someone who has been covering shows for quite some time, it is a struggle to find the words to describe just how delicious it was to watch Sarah King perform. First of all, her voice is incredibly unique — she started off training in opera and it shows despite the fact that she doesn’t sing in that style at all anymore. Her range is unlike anything I have heard before. She can go from a Janice Joplin-type growl to a stunning high note within a millisecond and she makes it look easy.

sarah king sydney worthley

Like Sydney, Sarah is a songwriter and a storyteller and her lyrics are so powerful it felt like she was speaking for every woman when she was up on that stage. If you missed last night’s performance, it won’t be your last time to hear from Sarah. She has released four new tracks recently and is recording an album in May that is due out this summer. Friday’s show was her kick-off to a month-long series of shows celebrating Women’s History Month.

Setlist: Wedding Rings, Not Worth the Whiskey, Oh Mama, Nightstand, Cold Hard Ground, Crazy People, Always an Almost, You Were Wrong, War Pigs (Black Sabbath), Blame it on the Booze.

Check out the full gallery from the evening with Sarah King and Sydney Worthley below.

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