Plane Station Release Single “Keep Me Grounded”

Hudson Valley’s brother and sister harmonic duo Plane Station has just released their newest single “Keep Me Grounded,” on February 24th. The two are currently preparing to release two more singles over the following months and completing their third album, Art or Content, in the spring.  

Plane Station Release Single "Keep Me Grounded"

Plane Station consists of Nick and Brianna Chiapparino, a sibling singer songwriter duo based in Peekskill. Their sound, honed through years of live performance, is built on harmony, memorable melodies and a collaborative approach to songwriting. 

Plane Station Release Single "Keep Me Grounded"

Their single “Keep Me Grounded” is a powerful piece that will send shivers down your spine. No mater your headspace, Nick and Brianna’s angelic melodies will pierce through your heart. The song is beautifully written, the harmony that Plane Station has is incredible. The two are unbelievably talented artists with their sound and lyrics, they deserve more spotlight.  

Plane Station Release Single "Keep Me Grounded"

Nick and Brianna both grew up in the Hudson Valley and began singing together in High School. The duo has fronted many bands spanning a wide variety of genres, keeping their unique connection front and center with Plane Station.  

Their music is often driven either by Nick’s acoustic guitar or Brianna’s piano work. Their sound together weaves seamlessly through the intimate and the grandiose, whispered lines over a finger picked guitar often give way to soaring harmonies over swelling instrumentation.  

Their first album, The Other Side, finds the duo exploring themes of love, change and loss in a stripped down, predominantly acoustic setting. On 7th Street, Plane Station’s second full length LP, Nick and Brianna stretch their folk sound, taking full of advantage of a vaster sonic landscape while staying true to their singer/songwriter roots.

Their third and upcoming album, Art or Content, is coming together for release in the spring of 2023. For more information on Plane Station, visit their website by clicking the link here.

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