Bill Scorzari Releases ‘The Crosswinds of Kansas’

New York-based singer-songwriter Bill Scorzari has just independently released his upcoming album, The Crosswinds of Kansas, this Friday, Aug. 19. With his rich raspy voice and a stellar ear for lyrics and composition, Bill transcends titles like songwriter or poet. Later in his career, he transformed his life as a New York Trial Lawyer in Huntington to a full-time musician in 2014.  

Scorzari spent the early days of the Covid lockdown finishing songs for the album and gathering the right instruments to fit the mood. He even began to learn Navajo from new friends that he met when commissioning a Native American flute to be able to recite his lyrics in the language for the closing track—a song with an intriguing backstory. 

For me, the journey that had begun in 2019 (and in many respects, much earlier), became a journey into the depths of my soul, not just in a nebulous aspirational or conceptual sense, but in its fruition, and this album is a record of many of the ways in which it has all unfolded for me so far. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have occupied my time with this effort and for the opportunity to continue to participate in the dance that is life, through this pandemic and beyond.

—Bill Scorzari 
Bill Scorzari Releases 'The Crosswinds of Kansas'

Scorzari, a prolific songwriter, has taken his craft to new heights and deeper depths with his 4th studio album, The Crosswinds of Kansas. He became inspired by his three-month-long Now I’m Free Tour in 2019, which had become a journey of self-discovery. Thus, he ultimately arrived at a new awareness and desire to adapt and continue to create. 

New York-based singer-songwriter Bill Scorzari transcends titles like songwriter or poet. He catapults past categories into a dark, ruminative, and ultimately life-affirming realm where family folklore, memories, pain, prayer, and incantation meet.

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In early 2022, he recorded some backing vocal and harmony vocal tracks for the song, “Tryin’, Tryin’, Tryin’, Tryin.’” For the final piece to complete the record, he asked his friend to send him a short cell phone recording of himself singing a Navajo chant, which he edited to make it sound like a historically older recording before adding it in at the end of the song. Talking about the song, he said, “When I was done and listened back to it, the song (and the album) felt complete, and the history it has gathered is abundant and beautiful.” 

To pre-order and listen to Bill Scorzari’s new album The Crosswinds of Kansas, click the link here.

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