Leftover Salmon play Canalside Stage at Rochester JCC, Daniel Donato Sits In

Leftover Salmon stopped by the Rochester JCC’s summer concert series on Wednesday, August 3rd, with the Colorado band inviting up-and-coming artist Daniel Donato to close out each set. Donato and his band were in town for his show at Party In The Park on Thursday.

photo by Kyler Klix

Salmon kicked off the show with”Zombie Jamboree” and the lively song had people out of their seats right away. The venue was seated, but people could stand outside of the tent and dance.

The band played through a set that consisted of mostly originals and saving some cover songs to close the sets. Donate was invited on stage at the end of the first set to play a version of the Louvin Brothers’ “Cash On The Barrel Head” and closed the set with a rocking “Big Railroad Blues” (Noah Lewis cover), with Vince Herman pulling out the washboard vest to end it all.

The second set was filled with more originals and ended with another Donato sit in. The crowd was livelier and wanted to dance. They filled in the empty space in front of the stage after Herman invited them in. I don’t think the JCC planned to have that happen at their shows, but it felt more appropriate for the type of show Leftover Salmon puts on.

The band invited Donato back at the end and they played New Riders of the Purple Sage cover “I Don’t Know You.” Then they had everyone dancing like crazy with Salmon favorite “Ain’t Gonna Work” and they ended it with Waylon Jennings’ “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way.”

Leftover Salmon – Rochester JCC – Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Set One: Zombie Jamboree, Lonesome Road, Tu N’as Pas Aller, Get me out of the city, Mama Boulet, We’ll Get By, Light behind the Rain, Two Highways, Better Way, Cash on the Barrel Head?*  (Louvin Brothers cover), Big Railroad blues* (Noah Lewis)

Set Two: Boulet, Midnight blues, Mountain Top, Hollerwood, Red Fox Run,m High Country, Foreign Fields, Freedom, I don’t know you * (New Riders of the Purple Sage cover), Ain’t Gonna work *, Are you sure Hank Done it this Way* (Waylon Jennings cover)

* with Daniel Donato

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