Moon Walker Releases Confrontational New Single and Video “The Price of Life Itself”

Brooklyn-based alt-rock artist Moon Walker has released his newest single, “The Price of Life Itself,” off of his upcoming sophomore album, The Attack Of Mirrors, set for release on October 21, 2022.

Moon Walker Sophomore Album Cover
Photo credit: Madison McConnell

With reverberated vocals, electric guitar, and gritty lyrics, the new track sheds light on injustices in American society. Moon Walker, also known as Harry Springer, wrote the track in the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 after seeing first-hand the militarized response to a peaceful protest.

Moon Walker shares that the track is one of his most proud moments lyrically. The music video, directed by returning Madison McConnell, conveys an uneasy sense of reality to its viewers, channeling the themes of Alice in Wonderland.  Taking place in a house covered in ivy, with warm outfits, hazy lighting, and a fish-eye lens, the music video combines groove and defiance into one. 

It was a moment where I really realized how much my sense of safety, freedom and protection was a facade. Our country’s institutions are all so deeply broken and flawed, that not only do none of them actually accomplish what they set out to, they likely have the opposite effect. The entire ethos of the song can be summarized in one of the final lyrics: ‘We can stay above the water, while still lending a hand to those who sink.’ That is the price of life itself.

– Moon Walker

Harry Springer coined Moon Walker at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, passing the time by selling songs to various sound libraries. All of his music is composed, produced, and performed in his bedroom, but the sound is fit for much more than that. 

Moon Walker photoshoot for new album
Photo Credit: Madison McConnell

After sudden success on the viral video-making app Tik Tok, Moon Walker’s first seven-track album, Truth to Power, rose to light. Artists such as Justin Hawkins praised Moon Walker for his work, and he is back with his sophomore effort on The Attack of Mirrors out early this fall.

The second album from Moon Walker will see a more maximalist, experimental approach than compared to his previous work. With powerful, thought-provoking lyrics and a unique sound, the new album is sure to have success.

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