Tool Brings a Psychedelic Masterpiece to Buffalo

On Sunday, February 27, nearly 20,000 fans packed into the KeyBank Center in Buffalo to witness one of the most unique rock bands around, Tool. One of the most mysterious and eye catching shows you can witness, with really incredible visuals produced by the band’s guitarist, Adam Jones, Tool last played in the region in May 2017 at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, and had since released their critically acclaimed album Fear Inoculum which this tour supported.

tool buffalo
TOOL KeyBank Center in Buffalo, NY

Fans poured into the arena in high spirits to be greeted to a stage obscured by a translucent curtain.
Tool is known for two things at their concerts, one being the absolute incredible visuals, and the other
is their extremely strict no cell phone/camera policy. Signs were plastered all over the venue, even in
the bathrooms to warn fans that all types of photography and video were prohibited and could result in
ejection. You would think people would see this and take it seriously, right?

tool buffalo

As the lights went out in the stadium and the translucent curtain that wrapped around the stage began to light up, the band members began to make their entrance onto the stage. When Danny Carey, one of the greatest drummers of all time made his entrance with a quick wave before sitting at his impressive drum kit, the arena erupted in cheers. Next followed both Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor as they begin jamming the self-titled song off the album Fear Inoculum. Maynard James Keenan then kind of crept his way to the back platform, appearing as a silhouette with a mowhawk.

tool buffalo
Maynard James Keenan / TOOL

The visuals kicked right up to 11 as Tool began their set. The slow start to their songs begin often soft
and soothing and transform into a powerful climax over the course of 10 minutes. One thing about the
no cellphone policy is it truly allows you and everyone else to really appreciate the production of the
show. While most attendees followed the guidance, there were definitely some who took the risk of
trying to film. These individuals would quickly be spotted by security and their led flashlights shined right
at their face as a warning, before being escorted out of the venue.

Throughout the set, Maynard prowled the back of the stage like a caged animal. This is his M.O as he
previously has stated that the other members playing the instruments deserve the focus. Most of
Tool’s performance featured elaborate and complex grooves met with bursts of ferocity and visuals to
match. Both Justin and Adam played very well off each other, and Danny Carey absolutely killed it on the
drums. You could feel the power behind the extremely complex time signatures he would play, and
being able to watch him perform was very enjoyable.

Highlights of Tool’s performance included the translucent curtain slowly opening to reveal the band
during their performance of “Pushit” in dramatic fashion as vivid hallucinatory imagery encompassed
the band. Danny Carey’s absolutely insane drum solo titled “Chocolate Chip Trip,” which had overhead
cameras displaying on the backdrop allowing everyone to witness his insane skill and speed as he played
to a synthesizer.

tool buffalo
Adam Jones / TOOL

Before playing the final song of the night, Maynard spoke for the second time of the evening saying
thank you and then allowing everyone to record the last song with their cellphones. The only request he
had was to “turn off you’re fucking lights, if you don’t know how, ask your phone.. it’s a smart phone.”
The band then went into “Invincible” which was an epic finish to their performance.

Going to a Tool concert is more like an immersive experience of watching songs come to life with mind blowing visuals and people in the shadows playing the instruments. The band doesn’t talk in-between songs like many other artists do, and the entire focus of the event is strictly on the music itself. They are truly unique in a time when many musicians sound similar to others, and Tool shows no signs of slowing down.

Tool – Keybank Center, Buffalo – February 27, 2022

Setlist: Fear Inoculum > Opiate > The Pot > Pushit > Pneuma > The Grudge > Eon Blue Apocalypse > The
Patient > Descending > Hooker With a Penis
Encore: Chocolate Chip Trip > Culling Voices > Invincible

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