Will Forte Returns to Saturday Night Live with Måneskin as Musical Guest

Saturday Night Live stirred up one of their own mighty veterans as Will Forte, complemented with music guest and recent rockstar Måneskin for the January 22 episode. Forte used the monologue to announce the upcoming second season of MacGruber after its official beginnings on SNL back when he was still a cast member.

Reminiscing on his olden days, Will Forte opened up about his misfortunes waiting for his special moment to host after watching his colleagues Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Fred Armisten, and Jason Sudeikis already do so. Finally, after 12 years, we get to see Will’s face, of course that was too soon joined by an appearance from Kristen Wiig and upcoming host Willem DeFoe, who Will was mistaken for after Lorne Michael’s phone had autocorrected “Willem.”

The show started with a cold open Fox News update from Kate McKinnon interviewing Aidy Bryant’s Senator Ted Cruz and Pete Davidson as Novak Djokovic, an unvaccinated tennis player. Senator Ted Cruz urged us to book our Cancún vacations today, escaping this horrid New York winter. 

MacGruber came back tonight alongside his longtime friend Kristen Wiig. Except this sketch had been modified to our current climate and Will Forte sported a cut open mask to then detonate his iconic bomb. 

Mark Zazz (Will Forte) hosted Kid Klash, a show where Aidy Bryant had to find the flag at the bottom of the whipped cream pie, cross the slippery monkey bars above nacho cheese sauce to her shrimp parents. 

On hiatus from their international nomination for Best Song of the Year for the 2022 Brit Awards, Måneskin rocked “Beggin” in a patterned white head-to-toe suit. Full faced, featuring a signature silver smokey eye, Damiano David showed us how he won our hearts winning Eurovision and later at the American Music Awards last year. 

‘Cinema Classics’ was welcomed by Keenan Thompson and gaslit by Will Forte. Kate Mckinnon played his wife who was gaslighted around gaslights.

Måneskin came back for more with “I Wanna Be Your Slave.” A new flowered covered dazzling suit brought him to his knees whining beneath his guitarist Thomas Raggi just before luring the audience back in. Prancing about the stage with bassist Victoria De Angelis, he had us dancing until the end of the night. His performance on MTV UK sported a similar look this past November. 

Earlier in the night Pete Davidson had stole some hearts on weekend update gloating with Weekend Update’s Colin Jost after purchasing a Staten Island Ferry soon to remodel as a nightclub.

SNL returns with William DeFoe, alongside Katy Perry next Friday, January 29th.

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