New Release From Andrew Thomases Pulls His Fans To Look Within Themselves

Andrew Thomases extracts music from his down to earth personality, whether it is his vulnerability or call to action, Thomases has a job for us all to do. “Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone” addresses the topic of climate change from the perspective of the environment filled with eccentric bass rhythms, funky guitar, and booming percussion.

Andrew Thomases

Thomases is always looking to challenge the listener’s mind by stirring curiosity in their hearts. Through his retro rock rhythms, complimented by captivating melodies inspired by the the greats of the ‘80s and ‘90s, it’s almost easy to bypass his lyrics. Defining his genre as “conscious rock” Thomases is dedicated to singing about current events, life experiences, or loss taking his fans on an emotional journey with each listen. His personality always shines through making each emotional journey lighthearted, cracking jokes through his serious messages.

“Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone” is a warning and a call to action, as we must act quickly to preserve what we have for future generations. Otherwise, they may not even know what they are missing.

Andrew Thomases

The New York native grew up just north of New York City as a son of a musician himself. Andrew’s father pursued his passion for bass guitar pushing him to pick up his own at the age of 12. As a typical band-type highschooler, he spent his years organizing and playing in cover bands around his hometown. His tendency to lean on unusual chord progressions threatened the status quo and earned him the role as a DJ for his school’s radio station, and he continued to explore music through college. His recent move to San Francisco has given Andrew more experiences to write upon, bringing more material to captivate his fans. 

The powerful call to action will inspire you to pay your respects to mother earth while keeping you grooving on the dance floor. 

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