Ricky Montgomery Sells out Gramercy Theatre

Ricky Montgomery performed to a sold-out crowd at Gramercy Theatre in NYC on Thursday, December 2. The rising indie-pop star put on an incredibly dynamic and entertaining performance for the passionate audience. 

From the moment that Montgomery ran on stage up until the end of his three-song encore, the crowd at Gramercy Theatre matched his exuberant energy. The young crowd proudly held up homemade signs and loudly sang along to every song through their masks. When Montgomery instructed them to jump during a song, the floor shook under the force of the audience.

Montgomery hasn’t always had such a positive experience with his music. Taking a year off of music in 2018, the artist nearly called it quits entirely in 2020 after struggling to gain traction with his 2016 debut album. Luckily, TikTok worked its magic for the artist! His 2016 tracks, “Mr Loverman” and “Line Without a Hook” went viral on the platform and catapulted his career overnight. He quickly signed to Warner Records and has been garnering over 10M streams per week across his catalog ever since. 

It’s clear that Montgomery is thankful for his career and the opportunity to perform for a dedicated fanbase. The artist met every shout of “I love you” with an acknowledgment and a thanks, even smiling for an extended period of time when a fan asked him to pose for a photo while on stage. 

Montgomery has begun releasing new music under Warner Records, with his latest single “Sorry For Me” going viral, yet again. We look forward to watching Montgomery grow his career and release more incredible music. 

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