Hudson Valley Songwriter Ryan Martin Recruits Mikaela Davis for “At Dusk”

The latest single from Hudson Valley singer-songwriter Ryan Martin, “At Dusk”, features Rochester’s Mikaela Davis. Perhaps your breakup with your COVID-bae was hard or maybe you’re just not over your breakup from 3 years ago (who isn’t?). Ryan and Mikaela know how to pull at just the right heart strings bringing a signature kind of love song that is honest, emotional lyrics wrapped in gorgeous, bittersweet melodies and irresistible melodic hooks. 

Ryan Martin

Now, you might have heard this song before because it originally appeared on Wandercease, released in November 2020. However, in the height of COVID-19 havoc Martin’s exceptional songwriting was praised by the press for its vibrant, modern take on Americana and Martin’s exceptional songwriting, yet buried underneath reality’s chaos. The COVID pandemic taught us all a little something but Martin took it upon himself to re-asses his priorities.

The songs on Wandercease are mini-epics of personal storytelling, and Mikaela Davis keeps returning with perfect harmony vocals and the thrilling sound of her harp


Back during lackluster live streams alone in his apartment for a virtual audience his struggle to sustain his sobriety became apparent. Putting music aside, he decided to enroll in school to pursue a career in substance-abuse counseling. A new perspective led him to truly process the reason for writing music: to identify the source of someone’s pain, conveniently also the goal as a substance-abuse counselor. He admits that he aims to connect with people around the struggles that bind them together.

Perfection us damn near impossible to come by and it almost never happens, Yet somehow, someway, Ryan Martin hit that rare pocket in time and captured perfection

American Songwriter

With the help of veteran producer/engineer Paul Kolderie (Pixies, Radiohead) remixing the song, “At Dusk” now has new flavor to it with more highlights of the sublime harmonies between Martin and guest singer/harpist Mikaela Davis, with an additional rock and roll energy in the anthemic choruses. Martin recently showcased at the Mondo.NYC conference with a live performance filmed at Old Soul Studios in Catskill, NY featuring musicians Jared Samuel (Kevin Morby), Nick Kinsey (Waxahatchee), David Lizmi (Fun), and Connor Grant (Sean Lennon).

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