The 2021 Eddies Music Awards Announces Nominees and Ceremony

The Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards or more commonly known as the Eddies Music Awards announced their 2021 nominees and ceremony date. The awards ceremony will be held at 7PM on Sunday, November 14, 2021 at Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs.

This is the second installment of the Eddies Music Awards in 2021. This group of nominees represents works done by musicians in 2020. The first installment represented works done by musicians done in 2019 and were recognized during a live broadcast from UPH this May after two postponements due to the pandemic made them unable to host the awards ceremony in 2020 as planned.  

This year’s categories will be a little different than in previous years. Sal Prizio, Eddies co-founder and co-producer explained this saying, “About half of the categories we presented in previous years were scuttled when looking at 2020. We took a poll of judges and there was near unanimous agreement that the genre categories such as best folk artist and best hard rock artist didn’t make sense, as so much of the assessment in those categories was based on live performance.” 

The categories this year are: Arts Publication of the Year, Arts Journalist of the Year, Radio DJ of the Year, Radio Station of the Year, Music Recording Studio of the Year, Label of the Year, Music Video of the Year, Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Best Presenter of Virtual Live Music Shows, and Best Live Virtual Performance(s) by an Artist – Show or Series – Covers.  

Tickets for the Eddies Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on October 27, 2021 and the Eddies Music Awards on November 14, 2021  are now on sale here

For more information the 2021 Eddies Music Awards visit their website. 

Full list of nominations listed bellow: 

Arts Publication of the Year 


NYS Music 

Preview /Times Union 

Spot 518 

The Xperience Monthly 

Ticket/Daily Gazette 

Arts Journalist of the Year 

Steve Barnes  

Jim Gilbert  

Michael Hallisey  

Indiana Nash 

Jim Shahen Jr. 

Liam Sweeney 

Radio DJ of the Year 

Wanda Fisher 

Art Fredette 

Andy Gregory 

Bill McCann 

Jeff Morad 

Sonny Speed 

Chris Wienk 

Radio Station of the Year 


WCDB 90.9 

WEQX 102.7 

WEXT 97.7, 106.1 

WSPN 91.1 

WVCR 88.3 

Music Recording Studio of the Year 

Albany Audio Associates (AAA Recording Studio C) 

Blue Sky Recording/Mixing Studio 

Millstone Recording Studio 

NRS Studios Catskill 

The Recording Company 

Starling Studios 

Label of the Year 

Albany Records 

Cacophone Records 

Equal Vision Records 

Flipped Out Records 

Magnetic Eye Records 

Upstate Records 

Music Video of the Year 

“Everyone’s Gone Home” – Joel Brown 

“Moon” – Novus Cantus 

“Skin Disease” – Craig Hamilton 

“Ain’t Going Anywhere” – Buggy Jive 

“Modernist” – El Modernist 

“Sellout” – Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band 

“415” – Sydney Worthley 

“Alone” – Zan & The Winter Folk 

Record of the Year 

“Hold Me” – Julia Alsarraf 

“Everyone’s Gone Home” – Joel Brown 

“Moz Disco” – Coupons   

“Better off Alone” – Moriah Formica 

“Quentin” – Gordon St. 

“Roll Over You” – Sean Rowe 

“Andy Warhol” – Annie Scherer 

“A Thousand Years” – The Sea The Sea 

 “415” – Sydney Worthley 

Album of the Year 

“Somethin’ Comes Along” – Bright Dog Red 

“Ain’t Going Anywhere” – Buggy Jive 

“Back Pocket” – Dominick Campana 

“Going Places” – Dylan Canterbury 

“Rougher Stuff” – Dark Honey 

“Flowers for You” – Sawyer Fredericks 

“What Happens After” – Laveda 

“Northeast” – Sara Milonovich & Daisycutter 

“Stumbling Home” – The Sea The Sea 

Songwriter of the Year 

Julia Alsarraf 

Dan Berggren 

Buggy Jive 

Jim Gaudet 

Girl Blue 

Michael Jerling 

Kate McDonnell 

Kim Cirillio Wickham 

Best Presenter of Virtual Live Music Shows 

Caffe Lena – “Stay Home Sessions” 

Frank Cavone / Mirth Films 

Freedom Park Quarantune Series 

Mark Gamsjager / The Lustre Kings weekly Saturday night virtual shows  

High Peaks Event Productions 

The Linda: Open for Take-Out Virtual Concert Series 

Best Live Virtual Performance(s) by an Artist – Show or Series – Covers 

Rick Bedrosian 

Mark Gamsjager 

DJ Trumastr 

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