The R Train Band Pull into Arlene’s Grocery on October 9

On October 9, the rock sounds of The R Train Band will perform at Arlene’s Grocery in Brooklyn. Guitarist Jeffery Black splits time between Brooklyn and Florida, with Mike Annese (drums) and Denny-Lee (bass) rounding out the power trio.

Their latest release, “Rock On” has elements of hard rock an an anthem for rock music lovers everywhere, with a message borrowed from Hendrix to simply to live your life the way you want to, go for the big brass ring, and never give up on having fun.

An Ozzy Osbourne-like lead vocalist is supported by a Led Zeppelin-infused guitar, bass and drum style making the ingredients for “Rock On.” The pulse and groove has a modern bullet train feel. The vocal clearly tells us to be ourselves and love who we are. Do it your way and go for it.

The R Train Band will celebrate John Lennon’s birthday on Saturday, October 9 as they make their way to Arlene’s Grocery in Brooklyn. The show will be hosted by Ace Annese of “Ace’s Space Radio & Reality Check TV.” Tickets and more info can be found here.

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    The R Train Band Pull into Arlene’s Grocery on October 9 – NYS Music

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