Theophilus London brings Joy to Fans at Sony Hall

After a long touring hiatus due to COVID-19, Theophilus London was able to return to his hometown of New York City for his “Bebey, It’s Never Too Late” tour on Wednesday, September 22nd at Time Square’s Sony Hall. In addition to playing many tracks off his third LP, Bebey (released in January 2020), he also played several songs from his previous albums and mixtapes.

Theophilus London at Sony Hall, 09/22/21. Photo by Kunal Khunger

Bebey was released nearly two years ago, but if an observer only went by the enthusiastic crowd reactions, they would most likely think that it came out very recently. Theophilus was a great performer, constantly interacting with the very devoted crowd and seemed incredibly thankful and happy to be back performing in front of an audience.

Theophilus London at Sony Hall, 09/22/21. Photo by Kunal Khunger

Having been active for over a decade an amassing a large collaboration list, including the likes of Kanye West, Tame Impala, & Jesse Boykins, Theophilus has a large amount of hard-hitting tracks to choose from. While Bebey has a more tropical sound, many of his previous albums have a constant mix between pop, R&B, and hip-hop. He’s able to seamlessly switch between singing and rapping at a dime, resulting in fairly riveting performances. His music has the energy that fits in live performance and the crowd was riveted by any song he played, whether it was two years old or ten years old.

Enough cannot be said about how happy Theophilus was to be back performing. He invited audience members up on stage to dance with him, took song requests from the crowd, and even asked everyone to stick around after the show outside to meet and speak with every fan who was still there. Having personally stuck around, I can attest to the enthusiasm he had and the fact that Theophilus spoke with every fan he could. No picture request was turned down and he even spent a large amount of time with each person who was interested in speaking with him.

The “Bebey, It’s Never Too Late” tour runs for the rest of September. You can see the rest of his tour dates here. Check out the full photo gallery from the show below.

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