Virtual PhanArt Show features more than 50 Artists, Vendors and Small Businesses

On Nov. 14, PhanArt launched the Virtual PhanArt show, an experience that will feature its largest gathering of artists yet from Phish and jam communities.

Lineup for The Virtual PhanArt Show.

The show is set to run through mid-January so that fans could connect with artists, while browsing and shopping at small businesses, just in time for the holidays.

The show starts at Noon ET on Saturday, starting off with a live-stream kickoff party via that will go until 5 p.m. Sweeping Views and DJ Raphael25 will perform live, plus interviews with PhanArt Pete and the Launch Global Team. Where there’s “Phans,” there’s trivia. The show will hold a Phish trivia game that includes a VIP package of prizes and more.

The Virtual PhanArt Show is sponsored by Helping Friendly Hemp Company, with a wide array of CBD products and salves available in their store. Thank you to media partners Relix MagazineCash or TradeJEMP RadioNYS Music, and Groovesafe for their support of this event.

At a normal in-person PhanArt show, Phish enthusiasts could acquire one-on-one personal interactions with vendors and artists. Each vendor showcases their one of a kind items, while music plays through the venue. Virtually, that doesn’t change. Instead of entering the show room, fans will enter the ‘event space’ on the PhanArt website. Everyone will have the same perks as a regular show and even receive exclusive items through drops handled by artists and vendors directly.

With over 30 artists, the virtual show possesses an array of activities that will be sure to host your inner Phish obsession.

PhanArt Show 2019

The Virtual PhanArt Show Lineup features Maria D. Designs, Wookles & Co., The Art of Ryan Kerrigan, Girl Tour, MYFE. Designs, The Goddess Revival, GratefuLegos, Tripp, BB Denim Co., Super Rad Cape Company, Hang Loose Creations, Shop Cadillac Rainbows, Party Time Design, The Overhead View, New Springfield Boogie, Lizzy Layne Art & Design, Fred Sutter, California Ave Artworks, Jamie Lee Meyer, Rude Judy Designs, Fat Karr Studios, Groovesafe, Jeremiah Merrill, Appalachian Alchemy, Wook Chic, La Placa Pottery, Mittyart, Josean Rivera, Babacool LLC, AZN Media, Phan Gear, Phrames, All in this Together, Trixy Starr and many more to come

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