“Groove Therapy” Podcast Promotes Health, Hugs, And Rock & Roll

“Groove Therapy,” a new podcast combining live music with health and wellness, launched in late August. Produced by Osiris Media and available through Apple Podcasts and Spotify, “Groove Therapy” explores the effects music can have on our minds and bodies.

Founded by Dr. Leah Taylor and Taraleigh Weathers, “Groove Therapy” has two episodes out with a third coming on Friday, September 4. So far, the podcast has explored the idea of “conscious partying” and interviewed Joel Cummins of jam band Umphrey’s McGee. Each episode will have a different guest, either a musician or mental health professional. Listen to the trailer below:

“Groove Therapy” seeks to explore the collective joy of live music with an educational twist. While there’s a time and place for sex and drugs in rock and roll, “Groove Therapy” is about replicating that ectastic feeling when the lights go down at a concert in healthy and responsible ways throughout daily life. “The world needs this now more than ever. What we’re doing is really different: we’re talking about health, hugs, and rock and roll,” said Dr. Leah Taylor in the podcast’s first episode.

Together, Leah and her co-host Taraleigh have over 35 years of experience in health and wellness. Leah has an MA in Counseling Psychology and a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine, while Taraleigh is the author of a book, How to Rock Your Life: Maintain the Magic of Live Music in Your Everyday Experience.

“Groove Therapy”’s September 4th episode is set to feature Zach Gill, of Animal Liberation Orchestra and Jack Johnson’s band. Leah and Taraleigh promise a “long list of fun people” in future episodes. For more information about the podcast, check out the Facebook community group.

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