Red Lights Flood UK Music Venues in Support of Music Industry Workers

Music venues and theaters throughout the UK turned their lights red to support the many music industry workers who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Similar to America’s #SaveOurStages campaign, the UK has #WeMakeEvents to call upon support for the music industry across the pond.

Red lights shown at the Tate Modern and Millennium Bridge.

As a part of the Red Alert movement, a march in Manchester, England on Aug. 11 took place dubbed #WeMakeEvents. Among famous musicians who showed support for the movement were Leona Lewis, Doves and New Order.

Both the Red Alert movement and #WeMakeEvents focus on raising awareness to the live music industry falling apart. This was due to not having live shows during the pandemic. Although artists were hurt from the concert losses, so were the crew members.

According to BBC, “Producers, engineers, tour managers, security staff, truck drivers and cleaners also marched past some of Manchester’s closed venues.”

The Royal Albert Hall joined the Red Alert movement and tweeted about their support as well.

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