Folk Legend Arlo Guthrie Encourages Equality with Release of “Hard Times Again No More”

Protest-folk music icon of the sixties, Arlo Guthrie, collaborated with Solo Pianist, Jim Wilson, to release, “Hard Times Come Again No More.”

arlo guthrie Jim Wilson
Arlo Guthrie, Jim Wilson and Vanessa Bryan create a stunning, folk rendition of, “Hard Times No More.”

The single is a rendition of the Stephen Collins Foster Song, which originated in 1854. The original was Foster’s, “empathetic look at the increasingly dire, pre-Civil War world around him,” according to Rolling Stone.

Guthrie has been a staple for the political movement in music since the 1960s. His idea came from the current state of the world. The global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Movement inspired him to create this rendition. He wanted to remind everyone to pay attention and to help everyone to be equal as one.

“I grew up in a family that cared about the hardships of others. My father was well known for writing and performing songs to offer hope. ‘Hard Times Come Again No More’ resonates with me, and I know it did as well with Woody. Though it was first released around 1900, the message endures with the calamities of today being utterly unjustifiable. We must come together not only as a country, but all across the globe in this dire moment.”

Arlo Guthrie

Guthrie and Wilson collaborated remotely due to COVID-19. They have never met. but this didn’t stop them from creating a beautiful tune.

Along with Guthrie and Wilson, many musicians, like Vanessa Bryan and Stanley Clarke came together for this rendition.

Together, the musicians composed a touching outlook on why everyone needs to unite in hard times, such as these.

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