Aqueous Ushers in a New Era of Live Music

At Transit Drive In in Lockport, NY, live music returned for the first time in over three months. The drought was lifted with three shows from Aqueous, who performed with a limited crowd that was safely distanced throughout the grounds.

As Sunday attendee Pete Connors of Utica attested, “For a post-apocalytpic world, they put together as close to a first class event as you’re gonna see this year.” From the looks of the recap video by Jim Houle and just shared by Aqueous, the joy on the faces of the fans, even spread out among the Drive-In grounds agrees with this sentiment.

Aqueous live music

With a line forming at noon for the matinee concert, doors opened at 1pm for two sets starting at 2pm. From most points around the state, you’d be home in bed before it was dark. The sound was reported as fantastic from all fronts, even if the sound had to be adjusted to appease neighbors.

Each dad had its own unique highlight from the band. Friday opened up with local legend Rick James’ “Below the Funk,” and Saturday featured a single song second set of “Half In Half Out,” with teases throughout. On Sunday, the band left the stage before “Kitty Chaser” with a looped beat playing, as they staged a runaway golfcart marathon around the ground, saying hi to fans (from a safe distance).

In time, we’ll remember the shows and the return to live music, even if the details get foggy. Fans are grateful for music more than ever thanks to intimate experiences like Live at the Drive In, and the easing back into live music will present us all with a new appreciation for the blessings of music around us.

Aqueous live music

Setlists via Darren Kemp

Friday, June 19th, 2020

Set 1: Below the Funk¹ > They’re Calling For Ya > Numbers and Facts, Little Something to Me, Strange Times² > Burn it Down³ > Below the Funk

Set 2: Mind Games, Say it Again > Complex Pt. II, Realize Your Light

Encore: What’s The Connection?⁴

Notes: ¹ BUSTOUT LTP 12/7/2018 (100 shows)² Unfinished³ G’z and Hustlaz (Snoop Dogg) tease⁴ Birds of a Feather (Phish) tease

Aqueous live music

Saturday, June 20th, 2020

Set 1: Staring into the Sun¹, Good Days, Split the Difference² ³ > Underlyer, Bring Me Down⁴

Set 2: Half In Half Out⁵

Encore: Freedom⁶

Notes: ¹ w/ ending² Wedge tease (Phish) between songs³ So Fresh So Clean (Outkast) tease⁴ Original – Debut�5⁵ Teases galore, including 20/20, Below the Funk (Rick James), Sample in a Jar (Phish), YYZ (Rush), Echoes (Pink Floyd), Californication (Red Hot Chili Peppers)⁶ Jimi Hendrix Cover, BUSTOUT – LTP 2011/6/11 (858 shows)

Sunday June 21st, 2020

Set 1: Dig It Good, Josie > Second Sight¹ > Good Enough, The Median

Set 2: Can You Get Me There?, Willy is 40 > Loop Jam² > Kitty Chaser (Explosions)

Encore: Freebird³, Complex Pt. I > Second Sight⁴

Notes: ¹ Unfinished² Band set loops on their instruments and proceeded to drive through the audience on golf carts thanking fans³ Lynyrd Skynyrd cover, Partially played as a joke, mostly acapella from Rob⁴ Ending

Photos by Zachary Todtenhagen

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