Jay-Jasmin releases new interstellar single “Bitch I’m From Venus”

“New” and “single” refuse to encapsulate the anthology of neo-futurisms encased in Jay-Jasmine‘s declaration “Bitch I’m From Venus.” Ten-thousand lens shatters post-modern divides between interstellar imagery laced to ancient industrial breakbeat trance-pop, all to be reconfigured in Jay-Jasmine’s mythical resonance.

Jay-Jasmine’s non-conforming, non-binary and cosmic celestial opus unifies contrasting mediums into parallel summits tracking a visceral explosion of sensory. “Bitch I’m From Venus,” doesn’t long for a lost downtown meets uptown outburst of vogue vibrancy, it details a blueprint where concrete runways adjoin synthetic neon lights stripping lineal wisdom into self-defined bodies. The canvasses Jay-Jasmine’s melodic articulation jar offers no delusion of the intended revolution it embodies.  

The track is inspired by ancient Divine Feminine energies of the goddess Venus who has 10,000 names. “Earth is experiencing a return in these energies and I wanted to make music showing that in the form of an alien invasion in NYC”. JAY-JASMIN is very inspired by fantasy and sci-fi and uses a blend of styles to create a work that has not been seen before and illustrates a new dimension. The main message of the song is to overthrow the patriarchy and raise the vibration of the planet through a revolution of love and freedom. 

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