Electronic Artist i_o Drops New Song “Annihilation” Featuring Alt-Pop Artist Lights

Electronic Artist i_o released his new song “Annihilation,” part of his third installment titled AM 444 of his 444 album series. This song features Canadian alt-pop artist Lights and has reached #2 on iTunes electronic chart. The AM 444 installment is based on what the world feels like around 4am when the lines between night and day become foggy, and night turns into day, the world just before dawn.

 i_o’s 444 album series was named for an obscure New York City underground venue. The 444 album is part of a three-part series of four tracks each as a nod to the number this series nodding to the number four. i_o uses each installment of 444 album series to project his own feelings about the different areas of dance music that he feels defines him as an artist. The first two installments were ACID 444 and NRG 444. ACID 444 was released back in late 2019 and was all about his warehouse roots meanwhile NRG was released in early 2020 and was more of an upbeat, peak of the night, collection of songs.

On AM 444 i_o is joined by Lights on all tracks and highlights his production skills on the more melodic and progressive side. Although “Annihilation” is the only track dropped so far from the AM 444 installment you can already see it making nods to his production value and melodic rhythms. The song’s repetitive and trancelike beats in combination with the ebb and flow of vocals between i_o and Lights really reflects the feeling of 4AM when you are still out dancing just letting the music flow through you which the entire section will be focusing on.   

The rest of the AM 444 installment is due to drop on May 29th on mau5trap. For more information on i_o and his 444 album visit mau5trap’s website. For more information on Lights visit her website.

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