Allison Leah’s “We Can Still Sing” an Anthem for Surviving COVID-19

New York City’s own Allison Leah released her new single, “We Can Still Sing” which summarizes how many are feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic that is gripping the world.

Allison Leah is a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist who was born and raised just north of New York City and currently resides there. She writes everything from heartfelt originals like “We Can Still Sing” to familiar commercial jingles like “Hess Truck.” Leah released her debut EP Fly Home back in 2018. 

“We Can Still Sing” revolves around the helplessness everyone is feeling during this pandemic but that we can stand together and ‘still sing’ and that we aren’t alone even though it feels like it currently. She focuses part way through the song on holding on to yourself and your loved ones and how when this is over eventually. How we will joke about this time of staying inside in the future. 

When the song starts it has this sad restless undertones created by the lingering piano. Between the  lingering tune and the songs lyrics and their inflections it mirrors these feelings or restless and hopelessness people have been feeling. The song then takes a turn though when hitting the chorus between the piano, acoustic guitar and snapping and shakers it turns into the hopeful song it is. 

This EP is definitely worth checking out especially for anyone feeling the quarantine blues. For more information on Allison Leah check out her website.

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