Hearing Aide: Mike DeAngelis ‘Songs from the Shelter’

New York native and country artist, Mike DeAngelis, is thrilled to release his new album, Songs from the Shelter, a culmination of tracks written over decades of his music career. This album was blossomed in the late 90s when Mike connected with former band member of “Nightshift,” Ace Parkhurst, after being introduced to Ace while he was running sound for a local band.

Mike had envisioned a solo project after playing in a band for a while, and the duo joined forces to often record at Ace’s studio nicknamed “The Bombshelter.” Mike and Ace would sing on each other’s songs and were eventually able to pull these tracks off the shelf, polish them up, and produce the crystal-clear record meant for road trips down a long-winding road, Songs from the Shelter. Some of the tracks are old, and some are new, and they are ecstatic to share them with the world.

The record starts off with “Welcome Me Home” opening with smoothly picked acoustic guitar, and the lyrics introduce a story of Mike traveling hours down the highway at night with nothing but the open road, eagerly waiting to arrive home. Mike and Ace come together and produce such a diverse sound with tracks such as “Old Letter” and “Guessing Game.” Every track on this album has a specific purpose and each tell a story of its own. Songs from the Shelter is a unique glimpse into the artist’s rich history, which has lasted more than twenty years and from the looks of this album, there’s no end in sight.

Mike DeAngelis has an incredible demonstrated musical history, and his music serves as a staple of the last few decades for this dedicated group of musicians.

Key Tracks: Welcome Me Home, Fool In The Moon, and Guessing Game

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