Freaks Ball XX includes Joe Russo & Hawaiii, The Showdown Kids, Garcia Peoples and more

The Bell House in Brooklyn will host Freaks Ball XX on Saturday, February 15. New York City’s Freaks, hosts and internet jam band group, have brought together another all star lineup of supergroups and rising stars in the New York City jam scene.

Artists include The Showdown Kids (Scott Metzger, Katie Jacoby, Simon Kafka), Garcia Peoples, The National Reserve, Karina Rykman/Adam November Duo, and headlining is the live debut of Hawaiii, a new group consisting of Joe Russo, John Shaw and Erik Deutsch. Throughout the night, a light show will be provided by Macrodose.

Proceeds from the event will go towards the Freaks Action Network, which harnesses the “strengths and love of music to make a positive difference in people’s lives.” Tickets for Freaks Ball XX are now on sale.

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