Caravan of Thieves and P.J. Pacifico Return to FTC Stage One

Caravan of Thieves recently returned to Fairfield, CT, with singer/songwriter P.J. Pacifico opening the night. The fans, or as the Thieves dub them “the freaks,” were treated to some great displays of musical talent and passion at the intimate FTC Stage One venue.

Caravan of Thieves
Caravan of Thieves at FTC Stage One – Photo by: Chris Sidoruk

P.J. Pacifico kicked things off with his acoustic performance and the Stage One room was the perfect setting. The audience was so attentive to his songs and musicianship, at times you could hear a pin drop. P.J. thoroughly appreciated this and thanked the attendees a few times.

Caravan of Thieves
P.J. Pacifico at FTC Stage One – Photo by: Chris Sidoruk

Caravan of Thieves, fronted by Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni, changed up the pace of the evening with their high-energy gypsy rock. They were a unique performance and a pleasure to watch. The band came out swinging and didn’t stop until the closer, in which they came out into the crowd and everyone gathered around. It was a special moment and a fitting send off.

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