Premiere: Monte Vayo ‘Sunrise 98’

Monte Vayo has reemerged with a brand new track, “Sunrise 98.” The Rochester-based electronic artist made his debut last winter with the atmospheric EP Count Me Out. While his body of work thus far has been minimalist in terms of lyrics, his latest endeavor “Sunrise 98” ventures into a purely sans-vocals soundscape.

This push to create more instrumental work comes as I’m taking time to study the emergence of abstract art from the turn of the 20th century. I see instrumental music without any direct language or lyrics as parallel to artwork created without any distinct or recognizable visual forms. There is still color, there is still texture, but in lieu of a direct, explicit representation comes an unavoidable sense of space. Much like standing in an empty theatre or cavern for the first time, there’s a natural captivation that comes with experiencing atmospheres both vast and intimate.

– Monte Vayo

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