Five Questions with Katie Louise

It’s been about four months since local singer/songwriter and classically-trained pianist Katie Louise released her debut EP. Unleash, a seven-track collection of originals, was a labor of love — and an expression of pent-up baggage — that resulted in an album that somehow makes a piano fit in seamlessly with modern-day pop music. Since the release, a lot has happened for Louise, including gigs, wedding planning and buying a new house.

katie louise

Kaitlin Lembo: It’s been four months since you released Unleash and we’ve seen you in several shows since then. How has life been since the release?

Katie Louise: To be honest, this year has been crazy. Right after I released the EP, I was hit with a lot of new milestones: wedding planning, my fiancé and I buying our new home, starting all the renovations. I definitely haven’t had time to market Unleash the way I wanted to, but I’m hoping after the wedding in September to make music videos for some of the songs.

Kaitlin Lembo: What made you decide to release merch with the EP?

Katie Louise: I’ve always had merch, but I believe in ‘new EP, new merch.’ It’s a complement to the EP and it’s also a fun creative outlet. This merch has done better than ever; stock is moving quickly and we’ve gotten so much love! It’s been a slam dunk.

Kaitlin Lembo: How was the response to your EP?

Katie Louise: People seem to really enjoy it. Again, I haven’t had time to market much, so I know it could be much better. We had originally sat aside a bit of money for marketing and we just haven’t had time to touch it yet; we are hoping to dip into it after the wedding and do some serious marketing. But those who have heard it seem to give overall very positive feedback. It’s an amazing feeling to have people love what you write!

Kaitlin Lembo: Do you think you’ll be releasing another EP in the near future?

Katie Louise: Ideally, I’d like to release something new every two years. It seems like a nice time period for something to do well, while not becoming boring or overplayed. I have been working on some new stuff but it’s taken a backseat to the things happening in my personal life. But I would love to release something else at some point.

Kaitlin Lembo: You played with Skeeter Creek and now you’ve performed with SIRSY just this past Sunday. What has it been like to perform with two staple upstate acts?

Katie Louise: It’s absolutely exciting. When I first started, I was booking a few gigs here and there. My fiancé helps me book gigs now and since he’s taken over, he’s everywhere and booking me with some really incredible people. I loved performing at Wicked because it’s a whole different world musically from Trick Shot, even though it’s in the same place. I used to perform here when I started gigging, and to come back full circle and perform with SIRSY and see where I’ve come from is so motivating and inspiring.

Unleash can be streamed or purchased on Spotify and Apple Music.

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