Surviving Beatles to tour with Boy George and Elton John

A collaboration no one expected will tour this summer as ‘The New Beetles.’ Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will be joined by Boy George and Elton John, which, according to Starr, will allow “A new generation to be able to say they saw John, Paul, George and me, Ringo.”

boy george

The New Beetles will perform classic songs from The original Beatles catalog and Boy George songs, as well as new classics such as “Instant Karma Chameleon,” “Can You Feel the Love Me Do,” “A Day in the Wind,” “Cry Baby Crying Game,” “I’m Still Seeing her Standing There,” “Do You Really Want To Hold My Hand,”  and many more.

“I’m most excited to play “Goodbye Yellow Brick Submarine” and “Get Back, Honky Cat,” said Elton John. “I always felt like my songs could use a little influence from the Fab 4, and here we are, rehearsing “The Bitch Is Back In The USSR.” It’s really quite fascinating.”

The New Beetles tour is sponosored by the 2020 Volkswagon Beetle. 

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