Join Sad Songs Summer Camp with the Milk Carton Kids

Welcome to Sad Songs Summer Camp, where you’ll talk, listen to, and learn about music from the Milk Carton Kids. You’ll also get the chance to workshop sad and not-so-sad songs during your stay, with input from the duo. From July 23, to July 26 at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York, you’ll join a camp full of other music lovers for an all-inclusive music vacation, complete with lodging (available in multiple packages), provided meals, and more.

The camp is powered by Music Masters Camp, a series of interactive retreats and workshops which bridge the gap between performers and their audience.

Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan sum up the experience in their special, banter-filled style in a transcribed bit from the above trailer video.

Pattengale: “Basically, we all wake up, eat breakfast in the morning, Joey and I will give a master class, then a guest artist will give a masterclass. We eat lunch –

Ryan: “Master class?”

Pattengale: “Yeah, we’ll teach things, like things that we know. Harmony Singing, songwriting, lyric writing…”

Speaking to NYS Music about the camp following a recent show at Tarrytown Music Hall, Ryan described the way the camp came together.

“We’ve been aware of camps like this because friends of ours do them. Steve Earle does a camp called Camp Copperhead and the other people in our band will go and teach at folk and bluegrass camps. So, we’ve been aware of camps like this but we never thought that we would do one ourselves. When we got the call with the opportunity to host a camp, we thought it’d be a great chance to work with people directly and share a combined musical process.”

On reflecting if working in a teaching and workshop capacity is of particular interest, Ryan commented:

“I enjoy talking and getting to know people. We’re around musicians on tour all the time, so it’ll be great to spend time with people and musicians in another capacity, where we can learn about them and work directly. Conversations at merch tables are a quick ‘We loved your show’ and ‘Thanks, here’s a t-shirt we have,’ where at Sad Songs camp, we’ll be able to get to know people and fans on a deeper level that we aren’t usually able to, and work with their music, while spending some time to write for ourselves as well.”

According to the website, camp goers can expect a full, crafted experience.

“The camp will provide a space for a lucky group of individuals to learn, co-write, workshop, and, if desired, perform for an audience of like-minded peers —  all with the guidance of the Milk Carton Kids and some of their favorite songwriters and comedians. Mornings will have Kenneth, Joey and their hand-picked guest artists guiding master classes that explore the ins and outs of  harmony singing, songwriting, arrangement, lyricism, stage-banter and performance. After lunch, students will break off into workshops, working solo or with other campers on the skills of their choice, with encouragement and tips from TMCK and other SSSC instructors. Evenings are packed with entertainment, with performance opportunities for campers (don’t worry they’re not required), late night jam sessions, and informal song circles. Not to mention two intimate Milk Carton Kids concerts. Whether it’s over breakfast or around the campfire, students will have the opportunity to hang out with TMCK and friends while learning the tricks of their trade.”

Non-musicians are welcome to spend time and attend the camp as well. Interested people who have a roommate in mind are welcome to sign up at the same time to secure a spot together. The camp is a unique opportunity for Milk Carton Kids and folk fans to spend intimate time with an artist, and engage in a study of the craft together.

An early-bird special is available if you book before March. Secure your spot at Sad Songs Summer Camp.

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