moe. Sends a Message via Setlist Friday Night

moe. played the State Theatre in Portland, ME Friday night, the first of a two-night run there to kick off their quick February jaunt through the northeast.

A glance at the Al Schnier-heavy setlist reveals a message for the Commander-in-Chief. Each song title’s first letter makes up an acronym.

“Ass” refers to the original working title for the song “Bullet,” which is referenced as “Assfinger” on setlists. Astute readers may also notice the mention of the word “ass” twice.

moe. performs at the State again on Saturday before heading Concord, NH Thursday, Feb. 21. See the official setlist post from moe.’s Facebook page below.

Also of note is a new Schnier song, “Screaming and Kicking,” which made its debut Friday.

Official setlist (moe. Facebook)

I: Tailspin > Ricky Marten > Understand, meat., Waiting For The Punchline, It

II: Seat Of My Pants > Akimbo, Little Miss Cup Half Empty > Y.O.Y., I Can Never Remember, New Hope For The New Year, George > Bullet

Enc: Screaming & Kicking#, Spaz Medicine

{# FTP (origingal – al. song)
1st & 2nd sets acronym – using setlist nomenclature for Bullet}

Check out the show as uploaded to the Internet Archive here.

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