CAPITAL Zen Releases New Album: ‘Grandpa Don’t Disco’

First Album for the Upstate New York Rockers Since 2013

Founded in 2006, CAPITAL Zen is known for their innovative riffs and challenging compositions. Having a wide array of inspiration, the band has always provided soul rocking, thought provoking and body grooving jams for their fans.  The new album, Grandpa Don’t Disco is no different.

Recording of the Grandpa Don’t Disco album began in 2014 with members Terry Scoville (Guitar & Vox),
Tony Leombruno (Bass & Vox), and Ryemachine Richard Wylie (Drums).  The tracks were later completed and recorded with Max Garrett (Trombone & Guitar) and Scott Hannay (Keyboard).   The brand new, previously-unreleased CAPITAL Zen album is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and CDBaby.  Previous albums to revisit by the Zen crew include the debut self-titled album CAPITAL Zen (2009),  Fancy Balloon Animals (2011) and Party Booby Trap (2013). 


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