Rubblebucket Brings Albany To Its Knees… Literally

On December 6, Rubblebucket brought their tour through Lucky Strike in Albany, NY in support of their new album, Sun Machine. The duo in Kalmia Traver and Alex Toth are keeping the Rubblebucket name alive after a long, tough road. Sun Machine is an album that literally follows their own struggles as an on and off couple and keeping their personal issues aside as they continue to work together. The songs are incredibly powerful and make for what is being considered quite the theatrical performance.

And The Kids from Northampton, MA opened the show. They’ve been on tour together a few times now as Kalmia and Alex have become close with the members, even having the “Kids” come out on stage with them for a couple songs. Rubblebucket backs themselves with an incredible touring band that changes from time to time but generally stays the same. Mixing their old classics like “Came Out of a Lady” and new ones like “Party Like Your Heart Hurts,” the band puts on an incredible production with shadow screens and, at one point, literally bringing the crowd to its knees and crowd surfing over them while playing their horns.

Rubblebucket just announced their spring tour, coming back through New York in late January and mid-March before heading west.




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