Hearing Aide: Mirk ‘Sense’

Mirk has been a part of the local scene since it first formed in 2009. Each of the band’s previous six releases has its own vibe, which makes it difficult for anyone to pigeonhole the band into a specific genre. The band’s sound is best described as “dance clap,” incorporating elements of pop music from different eras to get audiences onto the dance floor, and clapping.

In the past, Mirk has played with the harmonizing doo-wop of the ’50s, the horn arrangements common in soul music from the ’60s followed by the predominant guitar and drums of the ’70s. Mirk’s sound, however, never strays from its roots of hip-hop, R&B and soul.

Mirk’s seventh and latest album Sense is inspired by the music frontman Joshua Mirsky hears from his clients at his Foster House Studios in Albany. Mirsky said it delves more into the pop, which is evident from the electronic beats on some of the tracks. But, overall, the album is steeped in rich and soulful R&B.

The baseline on “Priceless,” the album’s opening track, sets the tone for the entire listening experience. It introduces the listener to a smoldering atmosphere with a danceable beat with electric accents. It aptly holds your hand into the next track, “Cleopatra,” an equally hot song featuring Stellar Young frontman John Glenn.

Glenn is one of four local musicians brought along for the ride on this 12-track album. Another, Nick Horace of The 7th Squeeze, lends a powerful performance on the ambient track “First of Her Name.” Tara Merritt lends her vocals on two tracks. The Albany singer has been associated with members of Groovstick and The Chronicles. She really shines through on the final track, “Rapture.”

Your up-close and personal dance tracks move aside after “Pretty Brown Eyes.” featuring Troy R&B artist James Rock providing the hook with his silky smooth voice. From there, the pace picks up a notch with “Options” and “Living It Up,” only to ease back subtle like.

By the time you get to “So Bad,” you will understand that this is not a disco dance compilation. Sense is light the candles, turn the lights down low, sexy. This is the soundtrack to your Friday night; whether you have plans with someone, or you plan to cruise the scene downtown. Audiophiles with their headphones should also check this out. Whatever your intent may be, this is good music.

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