Rabbit Jaw responds to anti-immigration policies through music

Watch their music video for 'Stowaway'

Erin Bahn is a singer, a dancer and a humanitarian. Through her art, she expresses her passionate messages against oppression and authoritarian regimes, and she is backed by her band of equally revolutionary-minded musicians. The Buffalo-based art-rock band Rabbit Jaw has released a music video for their song “Stowaway,” which is in response to right-wing American anti-immigration policies.

Bohn, who choreographed and directed the video, recently told Buffalo Rising, “This film is one take, played in reverse. Within this film, although it is played in reverse, I wanted to play with concepts of restoration of dreams and dreamers.”

Rabbit Jaw will be playing two shows in Buffalo on September 29: The Tabernacle from 6-8pm and then Dinosaur Bar-B-Que from 10-midnight. To stay up to date on news and events, follow Rabbit Jaw on Facebook.

rabbit jaw
photo by Glenn Murray

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