Space Carnival Announces Final Show at the Black Oak on October 6

In a sincere and heartfelt announcement, Space Carnival took to Facebook Tuesday to address their decision to disband after five exciting years. The quartet originally launched in the Oneonta music scene and earned loyal listeners all across the country. They went on to humbly dedicate their amazing memories to musicians they have shared the stage with, awesome fans, and that this experience has exceeded their wildest dreams. On a more personal note they mentioned that they have respectively been focused on individual paths for the past two years and despite every effort, they believe it is within the group’s best interests to go separate ways. Lead guitarist Jeremy Kraus stated that he will be following a dream and moving to Colorado in the following month to pursue a concert production career. The aspirations of other members remains to be seen but they explained: “We are still best friends and have zero hard feelings towards each other.”

As they conclude their interplanetary disco career, the group also decided to perform an additional show at The Black Oak in Oneonta on Oct. 6. This venue in particular has been a welcoming home for the band as it is where they played their first show and several others during their maturity over the years. Pursuing music is undoubtedly a demanding but rewarding dedication for any individual or group. What Space Carnival has offered to their fans in their time is an inclusive community that can be enjoyed for what it truly is. Genuine and talented production that serves to “make people dance and go to outer space.” They would faithfully debut original content and allow their sound to resonate for people’s enjoyment. Nothing else. That rarity is something to be cherished in a world where we often fail to recognize the passion devoted musicians instill in their work.

NYS Music would like to thank Space Carnival for the gift of music it has released throughout the course of its existence and encourage any support their incredible fans have to offer as the band wishes their final heartfelt goodbyes.

See dates below:
9/14: Private Festival Ithaca, NY
9/15: Wormtown Festival Greenfield, MA
10/5: The Range Ithaca, NY
10/6: The Black Oak Oneonta, NY

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