Godsmack, Shinedown, and Red Sun Rising Leave SPAC Crowd Feeling Bulletproof

Godsmack and Shinedown brought their co-headlining tour to the Capital Region on a very comfortable Upstate New York summer night at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, and reminded fans what a hard rock show is supposed to look like.

When bands like Godsmack and Shinedown come to town, it becomes more than just a rock concert, for many, it becomes a hard rock family reunion. Each band posses its own unique quality, style, and personality that hypnotizes and locks you in to their whole performance. Godsmack has that gritty Boston, in-your-face, kick ass and take names later type of show with minimal stage props while Shinedown  brings an amazing visual stage show and a high energy level along with their performance.

Red Sun Rising, who recently joined the tour for the second leg, did their job and got the early birds in attendance on their feet, and the fans still filing in, and at concessions moving theirs a little faster so they wouldn’t miss one of today’s hottest up and coming hard rock bands in Red Sun Rising. They are also currently supporting on tour, the bands second studio album, Thread.

At the conclusion of the first song, frontman Mike Protich wanted more energy from the crowd and asked fans if they were up. Red Sun Rising then played the bands first radio hit “The Otherside.” The song popped up whatever fans that were not standing on their feet.

Still not feeling that the energy level was high enough to his satisfaction, Protich said to the crowd, “It’s only two songs in, so I won’t say this is the lamest crowd.” Protich then threw off his sunglasses and started off the bands third hit single “Amnesia.”

Protich took a few minutes to thank the two bands that helped influence him in Godsmack, and Shinedown, and for bringing the band on tour. He went on to say that this was their first time playing SPAC, and that they heard great things about the venue. Protich then pointed to drummer Pat Gerasia and reminded the crowd that he is an Albany native before playing their second radio hit “Emotionless,” which prompted the frontman to tease the crowd one more time by saying that the song title is kind of like them right now.

Red Sun Rising Setlist: Clarity, The Otherside, Amnesia, Veins, Emotionless, Deathwish

Shinedown was set in the first slot of the co-headline tour. Shinedown is currently supporting the bands sixth studio album, Attention Attention. The hard rockers are sporting a brand new stage set up, with all new pyro, flames, and laser show.

Fans eagerly waited for the curtain to drop, as you can see shadow figures of stage hands and roadies setting up Shinedown’s impressive stage set up. As the lights dimmed down, “Sabotage,” by the Beastie Boys played over the house speakers. Fans started to amp up knowing Shinedown was seconds from hitting the stage.

Frontman Brent Smith introduced the show by saying “This is where we dance, and this is where we sing. Are you ready?” The guitar of Zach’s Myers guitar, and the drums of Barry Kerch mixed with pyro got the show on the road with the “Sound of Madness” Once the song concluded, Smith said to the fans “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the show.” Kerch wasted no time, and started to bang out the song “Diamond Eyes.”

Smith asked fans to look around at their neighbors. This is the part of every Shindown show where Smith askes the crowd to hi five each other and say its nice to see you at the show making the crowd one big rock family.

The frontman thanked the fans, and the city of Saratoga for opening their town, and venue to the band. Smith then shadowed his eyes with his hand, to look into the crowd for all the ladies in the house. Smith stated, “Thank you for your patience, devotion, and most of all…love. So ladies, the next song is yours. It’s called, ‘If You Only Knew'”.

Mid set, Shinedown took the opportunity to play “Get Up,” the bands new music video and the first song the band played off the new album.

Guitarist Zach Myers, joined Smith at the back of the amphitheater for their usual acoustic cover version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.” Smith left it up to the fans in attendance to help him sing the chorus. After the song, they joined their bandmates for the final song of the evening, and first single off Attention Attention, “Devil.”

Shinedown Setlist: Sound of Madness, Diamond Eyes (Boom Lay Boom), Cut The Cord, If You Only Knew, Bully, Get Up, Enemies, Unity, State Of My Head, Second Chance, Simple Man, Devil

Godsmack is touring in support of the bands seventh studio album, When Legends Rise,  Besides supporting a new album, Godsmack is also celebrating 20 years as a band on this run.

Godsmack started their set with the title track of their new album “When Legends Rise.” The band stopped playing before the first verse so frontman Sully Erna could say a quick hi to the Saratoga Springs crowd.

During the bands performance of “Keep Away,” Erna stopped the song and stated to the fans that it was Dimebag Darrell’s birthday, and the show tonight was dedicated to him. The band then played “Walk” before transitioning back into playing the song.

Feeling the energy from the fans, Erna took a moment to chat with the crowd. He said thank goodness we are finally back. He asked the crowd if they were in a good mood because he was. Erna stated “I was in the back waiting to come out here and open a can of whoop ass on this place.” He then went on to tell the crowd that while he was in the back, he used a new hair gel for the show. He said that he could head bang all night and jump around, and not one hair will move because it hard like concrete. Then in a serious moment, Erna said that he loves coming to this beautiful venue in (SPAC).

While pyro closed out the song “Awake,” Erna stated to the crowd “This train don’t stop. Hell fucking no.” He then asked the crowd if they were still ok? When he noticed a girl on someone’s shoulder Erna added “Holy crap a woman on a shoulder. That’s a real woman and a real fucking man holding her. What happened to the 80’s and 90’s, when real men put women on their shoulders. Wussies.”

Fans used their cell phones and lighters to light up the venue during the song “Someday.” Erna brought out Zach Myers of Shinedown to help play guitar for one song. They covered Alice Cooper’s “Schools Out,” before ending with “I Stand Alone.”

Godsmack brought it. Erna said he was in a good mood and it showed. Godsmack had fans straining their necks from headbanging all night. Erna’s tough guy, cocky personality is intoxicating, and for those wondering, his hair was still perfectly in place after the show.

Godsmack Set List: When Legends Rise, 1000HP, Keep Away, Cryin’ Like A Bitch, Say My Name, Awake, Someday, Voodoo, Batalla de los tambores (Drum Off), Whatever, Bulletproof, Schools Out (cover) with Zach Myers of Shinedown, I Stand Alone

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