Albany Hip-Hop Artist Young Cobain Releases Self-Titled Debut Single

A portion of the proceeds from sales will benefit Mental Health America

The mystical, confessional artist known as Young Cobain has emerged in 2018 as a unique creative, merging hip-hop, rock, and pop to create a unique genre of his. His debut single, “Young Cobain,” deals with the very timely and controversial topic of mental health, with a portion of the proceeds from its sales to be donated to Mental Health America (MHA), a non-profit leader in mental health support, recovery and advocacy.

With an earnest motive and the skill to flawlessly step back and forth between hip-hop and rock music, Young Cobain offers emotionally-charged hip-hop that is both sincere and skilled, with lyrics that can’t help but make listeners think deeply. Through “Young Cobain,” the artist hopes to take hip-hop in an unexpected positive and introspective direction. Listen now on Spotify and iTunes.

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