Hearing Aide: Erez Zobary ‘Love, and Lots of Sleep’

The end of college can foster a variety of emotions, most commonly fear of the unknown and wonder in where the next path begins. For recent grads like Erez Zobary, her path of music is not only defined, but ensured in the raw talent behind her senior year creation of Love, and Lots of Sleep. This five track phenomena has a emphasis on r&b and soul electronica influences, reminiscent of NAO and Keri Hilson. She released the EP within weeks of graduating college, and with some diverse instrumentation, creative producers, and a lush and powerful voice, this is a strong first step into the music scene for Erez, and we’re certain she’ll have many strong releases to follow.

Each of the five tracks on this EP offer us a variety of colorful tempos thanks to producer Brian Han (stage name Brahny), with brilliant melodic lines overarching in each song. Most notably, the combination of rhythmic pulsing and melody on the chorus of “Tides” creates a well mixed, layered motion of sound. Contrasting from “Tides” in intensity is the ballad “November,” which features a delicate, tropical backdrop to support yet another catchy and clever melodic line in its chorus.

Gaining a huge following in her college’s city of Kingston, Ontario, her music still has many miles to travel to reach the ears of her bigger audience. Hopefully her time out of college will make way for more music, allowing her to expand the capabilities of her already well-developed vocal timbre. As she takes more risks as an artist in a post-grad world, we hope to see her grow in popularity, while developing a diverse discography to take her places all over the nation.

Key Tracks: Tides, November

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