Hearing Aide: tHrOnE “tHrOnE”

Tens years later, tHrOnE come back with a different feel

tHrOnEAfter 10 years, Connecticut rockers Throne return with their self-titled full length album. Brothers Casey and Derek Trafton, have revived Throne after disbanding in 2009 when their cousin Justin Trafton left the band.

In many ways, the Trafton brothers strive to create a sound that is modern while still longing for the sounds of their days touring with bands like Blink-182 and Good Charlotte.

Few bands have succeeded at this sound in recent, but with the commercial success of Twenty-One Pilots and the return of Blink-182, Throne seems to attempt this.

What comes through is a very different sound that can be described as a sort of Nu Metal, punk rock. In their nearly ten-year hiatus, the Trafton brothers worked with electronic music, which is clearly an influence in songs such as “That’s Just Me.”

Throne’s self-title is a far departure from their debut album Balladry. In this latest, the band strives for more pop, catchy choruses, while creating a deeper and darker sound. Throne has become more related to bands like Royal Blood as to their pop-punk days.

The second half of the album is much stronger with the final three songs on the album, “Make it Move,” “Breathing Room,” and “Stranger Things” all seeming unique to the rest of the album.

Ten years later Throne has developed into a more mature sounding band, with a much darker sense about themselves and their music.

Key Tracks: Make it Move, Breathing Room, Stranger Things

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