Corey Taylor Talks the Future of Slipknot and Beyond

Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman, Corey Taylor, updated the maggot faithful on the future of Slipknot during a recent interview with MusikUniverse. 

corey taylor slipknotSlipknot fans, aka “Maggots,” have been waiting since the band’s fifth studio album, .5: The Gray Chapter,  released in 2014. After past comments Taylor has made about the band’s future and recent comments by band mate and Slipknot founder Shawn “Clown” Crahan, that the band’s next studio effort could possibly be their last.

Taylor was asked if he has heard any material from other bandmates for Slipknot’s upcoming album. “Yeah, I have. It’s awesome – that’s all I’m gonna say about it.” Taylor then explained that he received six “really, really good” demos from the band.”

Taylor later discussed Crahan’s recent remarks that Slipknot’s next album “could be it for him.”

“We’ve always said — and this is not in a negative way — we’ve always said that when we get to the point where we physically can’t do Slipknot the way we want to do it, we’ll stop, and for some of us, the years of being in Slipknot have taken [their] toll.”

On whether if he could continue on as a part of Slipknot without Crahan:

“He’s always been the vision for this band, for Slipknot, and without that, it crumbles. So, yeah, if he left, that would be it for me, as well — and I say that, honestly, in a very positive way, because none of us would want to continue doing it from a half-assed point of view. Nobody wants to go 50 percent on a Slipknot album.”

When asked if he would ever venture off into another genre of music, Taylor stated that he would like to make a jazz album after his heavy metal days are behind him:

“I want to put together a quintet or a sextet and record it old school, all of us in a room, playing together, do it very organic, very live — the way those great albums were recorded, you know? Make it a hint of jazz, a hint of big band — just really make it about the song, and about the individuals playing together.”

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