Hearing Aide: Greg Jacquin, ‘Hudson River EP’

In case the album title didn’t give it away, Greg Jacquin is a native of the Hudson Valley region, and his music and persona possess very apparent undertones of a small town songwriter. Jacquin will release his newest EP, Hudson River on February 9th, but we were able to get a sneak preview of the album first. 

Although acoustic guitar certainly drives each song on the album, Jacquin dices in some interesting instrumentation, including a string and brass section woven in between songs. His album features six songs with two additional bonus song versions. His single for the album “The Station” is featured in two versions on this album, bringing two separate ideas to the table. He has simultaneously released a video for the single, which is slowly rising in views. The video paints his melancholy demeanor, and features shots the daily commuter would consider second nature. But this video is about Jacquin in his nature, with shots of nature in his surrounding area. His album has downs like these, with several ups as well, including the cheerful tune “On the Moorings”. Jacquin is in good company on this album, and each recording is well balanced and intentioned. 

Jacquin will release his album on February 9th, but pre-orders are available now on his website

Top Tracks: The Station, On the Moorings

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