Hearing Aide: Bobby Paltauf “Why”

Connecticut based Bobby Paltauf feat. The Package released their debut studio album, on Jan. 10 on Spotify and iTunes. The albums holds, “songs that will challenge the status quo, posing questions about how we live life, how we engage and communicate with each other, society, religion and politics.” The majority of the album is lyrically driven and on the lighter, easy listening side of the spectrum, which is a bit of a change from Paltauf’s prior work which was heavily influenced by rock and blues.

What’s most impressive is that no one in this group cracks the age of 30. Lee Falco (drums) Will Bryant (keys) Bobby Paltauf (guitar/vocals) and Brandon Morrison (bass) work effortlessly together to create unique, expertly produced tracks filled with bluesy, smooth and sometimes funky sounds.

Their opening track, “Put It Down” speaks about society’s addiction to technology, mainly our phones. Instrumentally, the track is smooth and light, a theme which transcends the majority of the album. Other songs like “Why,” “Now” and “It’s Own Way” are laid back but could use some more energy in spots. The songs are full of emotion and climaxes, but could use more power. 

Paltauf hasn’t lost sight of what made his first studio tracks so attractive, though.  Songs like “A Day Late” and “Wasted Grooves” are undoubtedly the key tracks off the album. They’re lyrically impactful and their catchy funk tones separate them from the rest of the tracks.  They’re beaming with energy and are exactly what we’d like to hear from a young and talented group of musicians.

Find the album on iTunes and Spotify and keep an eye out for any upcoming shows on Bobby’s Facebook page.

Key Tracks: Day Late, Wasted Grooves, Searchin

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