Kerfuffle Before Christmas Night Two

Buffalo had its first snowfall of the year this past Wednesday, but that didn’t stop flocks of people from coming out to Buffalo Riverworks to see the second night of The Kerfuffle Before Christmas.  Upon arrival, people were lined up in thirty two degree weather almost forty five minutes before the doors opened. People were in their holiday gear and it was great to see the Christmas spirit alive and well.

Saint Motel took the stage first and brought the charisma that night as they kept fans on their feet with all the antics they did during their set. Front man A/J Jackson sang and played keyboard while using his charming personality to sway the audience, girls and guys alike. Guitarist Dak Lerdamornpong mastered the stage while Jackson was working his way up the scaffolds, pulling a Barns Courtney from TKBC night 1, but upped him by climbing all the way to the top instead of only halfway. Then, towards the end of his set, he decided to run into the crowd and up the balcony, dancing with patrons,  only to run back down the stairs and stand on one of the bar tops reminding patrons to tip the bartenders that evening.

Børns was second to hit the stage. He was teamed with all female musicians that died down the audience in comparison to Saint Motel’s performance. His music is what you would call ‘hypnotizing.’ It`s not necessarily a loud vocal dynamic, but more within a range that you could relax to, but also dance with your friends.

The band most people were waiting for was Jimmy Eat World. It’s a lot of pressure being the headliner and they delivered in all aspects that night. Bringing the most energy and also a certain nostalgic factor, playing an assortment of their newer stuff such as “You With Me” and longtime classics like “The Middle” and “Sweetness.” The band set the stage with a minimal appearance but it was adorned with 3 street lights that were placed above the drummer, guitarist and bassist. The lights flashed in sync with the music and it was the perfect addition to the stage without overdoing it. Doing several encores really pleased the audience and you can see it from the expressions and overhearing what fans were saying as they left.

The Kerfuffle Before Christmas was a success and there is one night left of this magnificent concert series. The last one will be held on Sunday, December 17. Performing are Cold War Kids, lovely the band and AJR. Tickets are still available for purchase and can be found at any FYE store and


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