Hearing Aide: Sharon Coates ‘here now’

Rochester-based songwriter and vocalist Sharon Coates recently released her second album just in time for winter, entitled here now. This eleven-track jukebox brings a variety of styles to our ears, with a persistent folk and americana intention, only complimented by her soft vocal timbre.

Her intriguing lyrical stories take us through her personal timeline, apparent in her reminiscent song “The Town Where I Live,” and in her evolution of complex concepts through poetry in “Cathedral.” Joining her on the record are instrumentalists Dave Drago, Alex Northrup, Jacob Walsh and Dave Chisholm, and in sync, their sound is familiarized as Southern country, with use of an accordion, banjo, organ, and even a trumpet to round out the sound.

With interesting rhythm changes and unique guitar strumming patterns, songs like “Mexico” and the major-minor combative “Just Don’t” stand out as the album’s commanders. The song’s opening track “A Bullet Ain’t Got A Name” has a slight Tom Petty hint to it, with a light, smooth groove to introduce Coate’s new chapter. Her initial release was back in 2016, and it wasn’t long before she was ready to release new material to her listeners, and this album was well delivered the second time around. There’s no reason for her to be here now, when she’s been here all along, releasing music back-to-back.

Despite her library of music, Sharon Coates puts her music in few places. To listen to her full album, you can go to her Bandcamp site, or stream a few songs form her album below.

Key Tracks: Mexico, Just Don’t

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