Exclusive Premiere: Previous Love Releases Music Video “Caffeine”

Buffalo-based band Previous Love has debuted their first music video, for their song “Caffeine.” The catchy alt rock tune is from their self-titled EP, which was recorded and released over the summer. The  video montage documents their coffee-fueled recording sessions. 

“We wanted to really take our fans into the studio with us but still capture the emotion of the song,” bassist Steven Browne told NYS Music. “We get asked a lot what it’s like being in the studio for the first time as a  young band. I believe this really captures our experience while still staying true to the intent of the song.”

The video features band members Steven Browne (bass), Charles Campanella (guitar),  John Perdue (drums) and Gary Sheedy (vocals and guitar) working alongside producer Jay Zubricky. Filmed in and around GCR Audio, it includes shots of them traveling to the studio, recording, and hanging out. Visual effects such as cross-dissolves, slow motion, time lapse, reverse footage create a surreal effect that suits the “Caffeine” theme. 

“It’s exciting being in the studio, capturing those moments that make a record special,” said Browne. “At the end of the video it actually is the footage from the moment we captured the ending to ‘Caffeine.'”

Follow Previous Love on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their debut self-titled EP Previous Love is available for purchase on Bandcamp (name your price) and streaming on Spotify. For more about the EP, read the NYS Music review

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